Tuesday, September 21, 2010



When I came across these photos of a table setting for a wedding, I immediately filed them for a wedding for one of our 3 daughters for some time in the future.....  While I clip these photos, Randy,  my husband dreads the thought of a wedding or at least the budget.   Randy's response at each of our daughter's births was "Oh, no a wedding!"   One day a friend of mine told me that Steve Martin in "Father of the Bride" reminded her of my husband.  I couldn't imagine such a comparison as Steve Martin is crazy and silly and Randy is more on the conservative, serious side.  I immediately rented the movie.  From the very beginning to the end,  Steve Martin's words could have come out of my husband's mouth.

On the other hand, I am like Dianne Keaton focusing on how to make the day just beautiful. First of all, I would definitely NOT hire a wedding coordinator.  I will be able to look back at all of my magazine clippings, search the internet, shops, florists, etc. for inspiration.  This beautiful table setting would clearly be at the top of my pile.  I just love the fresh clean elegant look of this table.  Every details works together just beautifully - the wonderful neutral colors, the stachys leaves, the birch candle holder, the maidenhair fern, the sweat peas and roses.... I love it all.

Oh, did I forget to mention that a few of our daughters have threatened not to tell me about the wedding until the week before knowing I will be working to make every detail just perfect. 

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