Thursday, April 7, 2011


One of the most exciting aspects of the antique hunt is that you just never know what you will discover.  A few weeks ago, I went to our local flea market and  I was really drawn to a variety of organic textural items that day.   I stopped by a dealer's stall and started making a small pile of items that caught my eye.  It all started with this rich, creamy soft deer skin.

This same dealer had some old antlers that I just couldn't resist.  Well then, he also had a sponge, a shell and a really nice rich dark brown soft leather pouch and a suede draw string pouch.   As I put my pile together, it started to resemble a Ralph Lauren ad.  When I came home and set my pile of purchases on my coffee table, I knew just what it needed for a great snapshot - the fabulous vintage  turquoise pendant I had bought at a flea market a few months ago.

While I love turquoise, I find most jewelry with turquoise too ornate and detailed for my taste.  This piece was striking as the turquoise pendant was approximately 2" x 1 1/2", and was set in a very simple silver frame. I told my husband when I bought it that I was going to give it to our daughter for her birthday. Then, I brought it home, put it on and you can guess what I started thinking.  Hmmmm - my daughter will never know that I bought it for her and I could keep it for myself.  I was really struggling to part with it, although I was also feeling guilty about keeping it.   I decided to call her and tell her I had gotten a gift for her as I knew if I didn't, it might just end up staying in my drawer.  While I usually do not look at vintage or antique jewelry, I was so glad that I found this unusual piece of turquoise to give to our daughter for her birthday.  She will enjoy this pendant for many years to come as it is timeless and classic.