Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Find - My Antique Bird Cage

One of the many reasons antique shopping is so addicting gratifying is that you find objects you never knew you couldn't live without.  My amazing find from last week is this AWESOME little bird cage.   

Look at the adorable little finches painted on sliding doors at both ends of the cage.  I have never seen a bird cage anything like this.  The cage is small and oval in shape with a wonderful pagoda shaped roof.   The wire has a worn gilt finish.

Aren't these sweet little birds just too cute...

The bottom sliding tray has a faux wood painted finish, and the base has a wonderful soft grey/green color.

Now, I have to find just the right place to display this new treasure.   Since I don't have many empty spaces in our home and I don't like a lot of clutter, that means taking something away to make room for this new find.   

Since I manage to put candles in just about everything, I tried a candle in the bird cage.  The glow of the candle light brings the little hand painted birds to life as you will see if you compare this image with the image below without the candle.

I could display it with a wonderful small plant inside, or......  Wouldn't this be fabulous as it's original purpose - with a live little bird(s)?  I guess I could try some fake little birds as that would take a lot less effort.   Do you have any ideas? 

 I don't know much about bird cages.   I am not sure of it's origin - American?  French?  If anyone can provide me with some information, I would greatly appreciate your expertise.

When I was trying to search the internet to learn about my new find, I came across other decorative bird cages that I thought you might find interesting.
The images below were found on one of my favorite places to window shop (or is it screen shop?),

While I love my new bird cage, this one with the fabulous door and dome shape is to die for.

The images below are from North Fork Pets and Antiques.

It is always amazing to see the craftsmanship and creativity of items of yesteryear.   Purchasing these wonderful treasures and making them part of our homes is a favorite pastime for all "Antiqueaholics".  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My sister, Joanne, sent me this adorable photo of her husband holding their dog, Kenzie.  She is a Wheaton Terrier and after spending a little time in the snow, the snow sticks to her fur and she stops roaming the yard and waits for someone to rescue her.

Joanne tells me that this is what happens to sheep, so I decided to search the internet to see what that looks like.

I think Kenzie's photo would be perfect on the "Ellen Degeneres Show".   Don't you agree?