Tuesday, August 2, 2011


While I wished I had my zoom camera to get a better shot of this kayak with all five passengers, I had to share it with you. Last weekend, as I was sitting at the end of the boardwalk at Gray's Beach in Yarmouthport, MA, this red kayak was slowly passing by at a distance.  Now, if you look closely, you will notice that the fourth passenger is a (very happy I'm sure) golden retriever.  I have to give this dad much credit as he does not look very comfortable  paddling along with his legs hanging over the sides of the kayak.   This family, with their much loved golden retriever, brought a smile to my face as we all do crazy things to include our dogs in our activities.

Gray's Beach is a great place to visit with it's very long boardwalk extending over the marsh.  It is  peaceful, naturally beautiful, and has a variety of wildlife.  You will often find children laying across the boardwalk hanging cotton string with a chicken wing tied to the end in hopes of catching a crab.

The tide is out in this photo, and you can walk or swim across the water to Chapin Beach on the other side of the dunes in the distance.

Riley, our adorable golden retriever and queen of our home, received some bad news last week.  While taking her for a swim at the beach last week, her favorite activity, I noticed she was limping and she resisted going up the two flights of stairs.  We took a trip to the vet who diagnosed  Riley with arthritis at eight years old.   Doesn't she look depressed in this photo?  Of course, I feel horrible and she manages to bring me to the treat jar more often.  I'm sure she has probably gained a few pounds as the doctor's instructions were no visits to the beach or walks for ten days.

Looking at the photo of the golden retriever on the kayak, I wonder if Riley would enjoy this ride.  What we do to keep our pets happy.  If you have a dog with arthritis, do you have any tips other than taking the very expensive Dasuquin pills that the doctor prescribed? 


  1. These photos are SO gorgeous! Looks like an amazing place!!
    xo E + J

  2. hi Patti!
    loved the first photo! Gray's Beach looks like a very special place. I can't believe we still haven't made it down to the Cape... maybe after Labor Day when the crowds die down a bit.
    I am sooooo sorry for Riley. That must be painful (I 'know' it is painful for you, her mom;) I sure hope the meds help. That is one sweet, precious face...


  3. I have a dog that has had two knee surgeries (she blew out the first repair in two days . . ) and I have her on Bufferin - two in the am and one at night, all with meals. I had her on Rimadyl, but have better results with Bufferin. And no coated aspirin either - it has to be Bufferin. She is a big girl and tolerates the pills fine. My best to your sweet Riley . . . .

  4. OH, I am so sorry for Riley, but all you can do is just love her and make her feel like she is part of the family! My dog also has had a knee surgery that she is recovering from and will have arthritis later. Their love is never ending as ours will be! Peace.

  5. You can find some joint supplements at places like PetSmart or even online (from reputable sellers like Dr.'s Foster and Smith). My labby girl has a bone spur which flares up from time to time and causes her some discomfort. I have also given her baby aspirin when I notice her limping. Hope that helps! It's tough to watch our fur babies slow down, even when they really don't want to.

  6. Wow- I just left you a comment a few moments ago and now I realize you live on Cape Cod, my favorite place on earth! I spend a lot of time perusing the real estate ads with the hope of retiring there someday. I know I am going to really love your blog now!