Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If I Could Start All Over Again, I would stop by Jane Moore Interiors in Houston

Do you ever look through a magazine and fall in love with a home, it's style and decorating?   We have lived in Michigan for nine years now and plan to move to Houston someday.  Unfortunately, the housing market in Michigan has been hit really hard with the auto industry so we have decided to wait until it improves before we list our home.  We live in a beautiful old farmhouse, truly my dream house, that I'm not willing to give up in this market.   While I'm sure my husband will not agree (we all know how that goes), I think that we need to change out some of our furniture as different homes and climates dictate how we decorate.  "If I could only start all over again, how would I decorate my home?"  While I love the rich, beautiful patina of my English and French antiques, I also find myself being very drawn to the
Swedish/French country style with its soft muted colors and unpretentious, rustic feel.  Below are some images of rooms designed by Jane Moore.    There is lots of light and every room is so beautiful and inviting.

All images by Peter Vitale Photography, Veranda

The images below are from the March 2008 issue of Veranda.   Jane helped her daughter, Shannon and her husband, Andrew decorate their home in Dallas.   

Below are some images from Jane Moore Interiors in Houston.  I thought since I was stopping by, I would pick out a few items I would like.  

Jane Moore Interiors, Houston
Swedish Corner Cabinet
Swedish Carved Buffet
Round Metal Table
18th Century Buffet

I think my beautiful French Trumeau mirror would look fabulous with these pieces, don't you?  Do you ever flip through the pages of a magazine,  fall in love with a home, and wish you could start decorating your home all over again?


  1. I love every room!!! I only wish I could make the photos larger to study them!!

  2. Ditto on the previous comment regarding wishing to make the photos larger to study them!! I flip through magazines and design blogs all the time wishing I could start the decorating process all over again including the thrill of "the hunt" for antique pieces. However, there are some pieces I have that I think will always be with me.

  3. I am sorry about the size of the photos. If you click on the photos some of them will get larger. Unfortunately, not all of them can be enlarged. My apologies.

  4. I agree, how we decorate really depends our where we live. I live in NE Ohio so I love your current style!! For our very cold, grey days it's nice to have rich colors that make you feel cozy. My style would be totally out of place in a warm climate. I moved here from Fl. and had to look at things very different after I experienced lake effect!!! I think that's what makes traveling so much fun. It reminds you hey not everyone is freezing at least 5 months a year.


  5. Love all these images. Sometimes I do wish I could start over. I just need to finish some things here and improve on some things.