Sunday, February 27, 2011


With the winter dragging on, it feels like spring will never arrive.   Last Saturday our snow was finally gone and I could see the grass.  The following day, we got  hit with 9" of snow, and it is snowing again as I write this blog. Ugh...    At this time of year, I'm always feeling the need for flowers and plants to bridge the gap of all the decorations from the holidays to the days when we look out our windows and finally see signs of spring.

One of my favorite flowers is white tulips.  Since these flowers are available year round and are inexpensive, they have become a staple in our home.   Since I have a great appreciation for nature, displaying flowers with all their natural beauty is gratifying.   By adding the tulips to our entrance, I hope to provide a refreshing homey feel that will remind us that spring is around the corner. While others enjoy a mix of flowers with many colors,  I favor simple arrangements, plants or ferns.  To extend their life, I often move cut flowers to the cool garage in the evening.

On a recent antique venture this week, I picked up this fabulous piece of redware.   As you can see, it makes a great vase and the rich dark brown glaze looks amazing against the green color of the tulip leaves.   Any time I am out antiquing, I always have an eye out for dark brown jugs, white pottery, baskets or just a simple glass jar to add to my collection of items for a flower display.  I find that small details like fresh flowers and a candle can make a home more inviting.

Since I was shooting these photos in my entrance, I thought I would show you around.  After all, our entrance is a very important part of our home.

In the photo above, is an early 20th C Continental candelabra.  When we moved to Michigan, I had participated in an antique show as a dealer.  During setup, I toured the other stalls and spotted a dealer unpacking this candelabra so I immediately snatched it.

Do you remember the first day you walked into your current home while you were on a house search?  While I was ready to buy what is now our home just based on it's curb appeal, stepping into the entrance definitely sealed the deal.  It's like spotting an amazing antique item you love ONLY 100 TIMES BETTER.   My husband had to just about drag me back to the states from England, but having the opportunity to live in a home that I truly loved, made the experience much easier.

Upon entering, you notice the paneled wall behind the 19th C. French server.   Displayed on the server is a pair of vintage Italian candlesticks converted to lamps and the candelabra mentioned above.  Between the candelabra and the lamp on the right is a sphere that is from the 1950's.

 Last year, I purchased this old trencher that came from a Hungarian farm.  The handles have a great shape, and I just love how the white paint has mellowed and worn with use over the years.


This old home has such great bones.  As you can see in this photo, the newel posts and wood balusters are substantial and beautifully carved and turned.  Seldom do you see balusters this heavy and thick.  It is definitely one of my favorite features of this home.  

Notice the wonderful old hardware on the door and the lead glass windows which are all original.

This image was shot from the dining room  looking back through the entrance towards our family room.

This is a handblown 19th century bell jar light fixture with a pumpkin globe in a beautiful pale peach color that I picked up while living in England.  

As you can see, our home has really been the perfect canvas for my love for antiques and design.   While we have moved or changed houses six times, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to find a home that I love and appreciate as much as I have this one.   This experience has been a real privilege in so many ways.  

While many people prefer new homes, I have a great appreciation for all of the quality details and charm of an old home.   If you live in an old home, or have an appreciation for them, what are the features that you like?  I would love to hear from you.


  1. Patti, I just love your entryway. In your picture of the front door I notice the little cabinet like doors under the side lites. What do the open doors reveal? I am dying to know!

  2. These are two small cabinets that I use to store candles. Although our home is old, we have been fortunate that the it was designed and built with a substantial amount of storage.

  3. FABULOUS, your home and furnishings are just fabulous! It should be in a magazine.

  4. You have such a beautiful house! I Love old houses, too, and live in a 100 year old farmhouse, but it is not in such beautiful condition! Maybe someday!

  5. I absolutely love the front exterior of your home & now glad to have seen a peek of the lovely inside.

  6. I love your foyer and that fabulous table. I remember this from rate my space and I still love it.

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