Monday, March 28, 2011


On one of my treasure hunts last week, I spotted a large white display case with glass shelves lined with a fascinating collection of fruit jars in all shades of blues, greens and amber.   Up until that time, I was only familiar with the common 
Ball jar or Mason jar.   While I loved all these beautiful colors, what I found most intriguing was the unusual metal clamps.  These clamps were made in various shapes as people were trying to discover the best design to seal and store fresh produce. The contrast of the dark metal against the beautiful colored glass, really catches your eye. 

These fabulous jars reminding me of one of my favorite pastimes which is walking the beach searching for beautiful worn sea glass.  Most of the sea glass I find is either clear, amber or soft shades of aqua and green.  When I go for walks on the beach, I spend more time looking at the sand than I do at the ocean.   I admire the visual beauty, and the feel of old glass.

Of course, when  I arrived home I decided to research these beautiful Fruit Jars.  I thought others might find it interesting to see the wonderful colors, shapes and clamping mechanisms. If you would like to learn more about these jars, I suggest you read a fabulous article titled “A Primer on Fruit Jars” written by Dave Hinson which was originally published in the December 1996 edition of Bottles & Extras. 

Another website that has a vast amount of information on this subject is:  The images below were taken from this website under the section titled "Fruit Jar Hall of Fame".

Mason's Improved 

Wm. L Haller, Carlisle, PA

Scranton Jar

Rare Saphire with Wax Seal

Potter Bodine's Air-Tight Wax Sealer

Green Petal Jar with Pontil

Green E.C. Flaccus

Fridley & Cornman's

Amber Millville Jar

One of the most enjoyable part of collecting antiques is discovering something new.  Maybe I had walked by these jars in the past and just never noticed them.  It was seeing a collection of these jars in a well lit display case that caught my attention.  Now, when I am out antiquing, I know I will be on the lookout for some of these exquisite fruit jars.  What do you think of these jars?  What have you discovered recently?  I would really like to know more about what others collect.  Please share your stories.


  1. I love all antique glass pieces. I have some old medicine bottles and vintage wine bottles. So sculptural and perfect for vases, too!

  2. Those are so pretty. I only have the aqua colored Atlas jars with the clamp like the first set of jars you showed and the last jar's clamp. I have not seen any with the other clamps. Now I will look for those when I am out.

  3. Those are so gorgeous! Like Kim, I only have the aqua jars. I still love them but wow, these colors, shapes are fascinating!