Monday, January 17, 2011


 Have you ever seen the walls surrounding a bathtub paneled with corian?   I never had until we purchased are old home nine years ago.  The previous owner was meticulous about every detail when adding on or renovating the original home.  While all of the other bathrooms in the house have marble walls, this corian paneling is my favorite.

 They really did a nice job trimming out this space for shampoo bottles, etc.

This is just one example of the attention to detail that the previous owners had addressed.  We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase an old home where the owners were passionate about quality and good taste.


  1. That is gorgeous. I have never seen that done with corian before.

  2. What a fabulous idea. Makes me wish I were doing a renovation. This is going in my idea file. You were indeed lucky to buy from people with such good taste. This corian paneling does away with the mildewed grout problem in the tub and shower area, doesn't it?

  3. Love the paneled look with corian. I've never seen it before.

  4. Right, very low maintenance, no mildew or any problems with grout.

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  6. Hi. I noticed you posted this in 2011. It's now 2017 how do you feel about this bathtub now? We are working on renovating our home and I like the looks of this but all of those seams worry me. We only have 1 bath for 4 people 2 littles. I love the look of tile but I don't want to clean the grout and I have been looking for a solid surface for the surround. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tub.

  7. I have been planning this type of thing for my own shower for about a year and cannot find a local tradesman who is willing to do it. They are all afraid to try, so I've decided to do it myself. I'm so relieved to discover that it HAS been done before afterall! I would love to pick the brain of the previous owner of your house if there is any possible way to contact them before I begin the process. Please let me know and thank you for sharing this!

    1. I'm wanting to explore this option as well. If you've made any progress or have any leads to share, please let me know! Thankyou.