Monday, January 24, 2011


 While there are many well stocked antique shops and websites, nothing compares with the excitement of going to flea markets, antique shows and shops that are filled to the brim with everything you can imagine and more.  I recently discovered a shop that felt like stepping into a home from the show, "The Hoarders".   I loved the challenge - being careful with every step I took not to knock anything over, but trying to spot those beautiful pieces hidden amongst all the stuff.  It felt a little bit like the "Where's Waldo" books I shared with the kids.   This shop had everything from a stuffed peacock to a suit of armour.  Amongst the various collectibles, I spotted this fabulous copper lantern with it's beautiful patina and original stained glass.  I loved the crown shaped top and its overall form.  While one of the glass panels had a break, its part of its history.

I brought it home, removed the bulb socket, and displayed it on my fireplace mantel with a candle.  The gold and cream tones in the stained glass cast a beautiful glow with the burning candle.

Last Saturday, I attended a local flea market.   While I don't spend a lot of time looking at vintage clothing, I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this stunning belt.  The seller had purchased the belt in Paris in the 1970's.  He claimed it was French and from the 1920's, but I'm not sure if its quite that old.  I was struck by the workmanship, the beautiful design and contrast of the carved celluloid beads and the dark brown wood beads.  The brass plate on the back side of the belt is signed "AK" with a flower impression to the right of the initials.  If anyone is familiar with this signature or has any information to help me research this piece, I would greatly appreciate your help.

So, what about the name "Antiqueaholics" for my blog?  Do these finds satisfy my addiction, or do they just drive me to want to go back out on the hunt knowing that there are so many more fabulous treasures out there just waiting to be discovered?  


  1. Patti,
    Love your latest finds! Esp wonderful latern.
    Are you already thinking about your next trip to hunt antiques? Oh the pleasure of the hunt.
    I'd say you have the perfect name for your blog!


  2. Of course - headed back out this Thursday to discover a few new shops with some friends. Barbara Milo Ohrbach says it best in her book "ANTIQUES AT HOME". "There is always another wonderful antique lurking around the corner, inspiring a never-ending feeling that the best is yet to come."

    If you don't have this book, its a great book for the antique enthusiast. It is well written and she provides detailed instructions on how to care for antiques.

  3. Adore that lantern. Great glass color and I am sure it looks amazing with a candle glowing in it.

  4. This is truly one of my favorite blogs to visit day to day. I enjoy reading about the beautiful and unique collectables you find through your passion and enthusiasm for decorating!

  5. YES YES YES... gosh I love your name!!! Perfection!

  6. Patti, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments.

  7. Holy smokes that lantern.... I've restored many antique light fixture and that's a beauty.! Hope you can stop by my blog and weigh in on my powder room decision!

  8. Hi I'm a new follower and I couldn't agree more with you about the pleasure of a great find at a flea market or small-town shop. I've been on the hunt for special antique pieces since I was in high school- I'm an "antiqueaholic" for sure!