Thursday, January 13, 2011


I visited a blog today by Joan at For The Love of a House and she posted images of her new kitchen and breakfast area she recently completed in her farmhouse in New Hampshire.   It is the MOST fabulous kitchen that I have seen recently.   In the breakfast room, she has a beautiful brick fireplace, a round pedestal table with white slip covered chairs and a chandelier to die for.

The kitchen has everything I want - a lot of light, white cabinets, a bead board ceiling without can lights, and a very clean, homey look.  I also noticed that she has two small lamps on her counters for extra lighting.  About two months ago, I purchased a small lamp for my kitchen counters and love the the way this light warms up the room.  

Joan moved from Dallas to New Hampshire and purchased an old farmhouse that she has been renovating.   Check out Joan's blog at to see all of the pictures of her kitchen & breakfast room .  Her blog is amazing - I know you will enjoy it.


  1. Thank you Patti! I'm honored that my kitchen is your dream ktichen too!!


    p.s. don't you just love the little lamps in your kitchen?!!

  2. Yes, since I have added this small lamp, I will never go without one in a kitchen. I highly recommend others to add a lamp - you will be surprised how nice it looks.

  3. I think having two lamps over the countertop is a good idea. It’s the place where you prepare food and other stuff, and you need proper lighting to do those correctly and safely. That’s certainly worthy of being on a person’s dream kitchen list. :)

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  6. This is a really cool post. I love this kitchen. It is completely the style that would fit me.orbit faucet timer troubleshooting