Thursday, December 16, 2010


When you enter our home from the side door entrance into our mud room, you look down the hallway to this focal point. We were very fortunate that the previous owner of our 1937 Connecticut style stone and white painted brick farmhouse had done such a beautiful job when they added on to the original house.    The mirrored French doors are one of my favorite features and really add to this viewpoint.  Now imagine it with just the framing.  It would have looked OK, but not near as important as it does with these mirrored French doors.
Our dining room is filled with antiques, actually too many for my taste now.   These beautiful English yew wood Windsor chairs ca. 1820 are my husband's favorite.  Through a relentless search of just about every antique shop in England, we had put together a set of eight perfectly matched chairs.  Apparently, someone else was fond of them as well..... When we returned to the states after living in England for 3 1/2 years, someone had opened our container and stole all eight of them.  Fortunately, we were insured and were able to purchase a set almost identical to them from Michael Harding Hill, a Cotswolds antiques dealer who has specialized in Windsor chairs since 1971.
One of my many weaknesses is wooden bowls.  This one is exceptional with a beautiful patina and an unusual raised lip.  I placed it on an antique bread board so it appears like a footed bowl.   I had to take this photo quickly as I just picked up our daughter, Gina, today for Christmas break.  She loves pomegranates and I knew this arrangement would not last long.  OK, I have also acquired a liking to pomegranate with Swirlberry tart yogurt as well.
 Last week, a few friends of mine went out antique shopping.  I picked up these amazing silver plated candlesticks.   Notice the art nouveau details and the brass showing through on the edges which really adds to the beauty of these stunning candlesticks.
 I had purchased these potted trees a few weeks ago.  I had placed the pots in heavy zip lock freezer bags, wrapped them in burlap and tied them with beautiful taupe ribbon from one of my favorite shops, Kate's Paperie.  After watering these trees a few times in my kitchen to be sure they did not leak, I thought I would be safe to leave them on my dresser and water them.  Well, I learned my lesson..... yesterday when I walked in the dining room I was SICK when I noticed a 9 inch water spot under and around one of the pots.

 Here is another recent purchase of mine - this hotel silver teapot.   It is made by Meriden/Roger Brothers ca. 1905.  It has a reeded repoussee design around the lower body, a hotel crest, and a double button finial.    Isn't it fabulous?
 This French hand forged chandelier from Ironware is a favorite of mine.  The shape of the leaves is similar to the original hardware on the windows and doors in our house.
We are planning to move to Houston some time within the next year so this will probably be our last Christmas dinner in our dining room.  I am always taking photos of this house so I can eventually put together a hard cover book on  what has been my "dream house".  I have a great appreciation for professional photographers after taking so many photos and then looking at them on the computer and seeing the lights are too bright, the plate is crooked, the cup needs to be moved to the right, etc., etc.  I spent two different days taking these photos (about 100 shots, these were my favorites).  One of my New Year's resolutions will be to learn the tricks of this trade.


  1. I can't believe somebody stole your chairs... that's awful!
    Gorgeous dining room. I gotta tell you that when I was reading you put your trees in ziplocks, I thought.. she's so smart... only to keep reading that one leaked... UGH
    How did that happen? I hear there is something you can do with mayo to fix the ring... Good luck. That would have made me physically ill.

  2. I'm not sure what happened as I had watered the tree several times and it hadn't leaked. Now, I use two freezer ziploc bags together (one inside the other) as a safeguard. I'm still very nervous so I bring them in the kitchen to water and wait 30 minutes before setting them on an antique.