Tuesday, December 21, 2010


While I started Christmas decorating early this year, I didn't really finish until today.   Since I get bored doing the same decorating every year, I like to experiment with different ideas.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have about 17 plastic crates with Christmas decorations and used just one of those boxes this year.  For the past 14 years, I have been collecting antique European baskets (mostly French).  This year I decorated the tree with some of my small baskets along with German brass candle holders, and glass snowflakes I made with our three daughters about ten years ago with a kit from Martha Stewart.  These glass snowflakes are beautiful the way they catch the light and you can create so many designs.  

How do you decorate your home for Christmas?  Do you have one tree, two trees, or many trees? I once met someone who had 14 trees in her house - one in every room including the bathrooms. 

 A very long time ago, (I can't believe it's been about 25 years), I travelled with my Mom and Dad on a trip to Europe.  We had stopped in a craft shop in Switzerland, and my mom purchased this adorable doll by Meike Riedel.  My mom passed away four years ago, and I treasure this charming doll with its cloth painted face, her hair in braids and a dress made of a fabric that looks like a "Liberty of London".  The old wooden tricycle on the right was my mother in laws when she was a child and the bears I have collected  at antique markets along with the small wooden sled.

 One of the many snowflakes our girls made from our Martha Stewart kit.  Since she no longer sells these kits, I have gone to our local bead store and picked up all the supplies to make more. 
Look at the amazing details of this finely crafted French doll basket.  I love the beautiful patina, and the fact it has survived all these years in such fine condition. 

Who doesn't enjoy candles and a wood burning fire?  It feels so good to sit by the fire on these cold, short days in Michigan.

 The lowest shelf of this antique Welsh dresser holds a collection of various old books.  My husband is always asking me why I purchase these books when I can't read them as some of them are in different languages.  Well, its all about the binding and covers, isn't it?  The architectural piece in the center is actually from the Lee Plaza Hotel in Detroit.  Our daughters like to go into these amazing old dilapidated buildings in Detroit to take photographs and they came across this incredible piece. 

We celebrated my husband's birthday the other night and you can see our golden retriever loves to prance around with the wrapping paper in her mouth.  She always knows how to get our attention. 

I can't believe Christmas is just four days away...


  1. Hi Patti - Would you consider posting "how to" do the glass snowflakes? I would love to do this project with my girls.

  2. hi i was wondering if you could possibly post a picture of the meike riedel doll because i have one like it and am interested in where it came from. thankyou.

  3. Please send me an email at pjbalhorn@aol.com and I will provide you with a photo of the Meike Riedel doll.

  4. I will be happy to get email you the instructions for the snowflakes, please email me at pjbalhorn@aolcom.

  5. Can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog! Don't suppose you happen to know the paint used on your living rooms walls? We are purchasing a new home and have a similar color palette (even replacing the tile around the fireplace with a blue and white), and your beige is the perfect hue! Please email me at sallybryant7@gmail.com if you know it, thanks!