Friday, December 10, 2010


When visiting Vermont this fall, I came across these lighted willow branches (electric)  in a design shop.  Since I like to decorate with neutral colors, these branches were the perfect way to brighten up my outdoor pots for the holidays.

Now that I decided to use them, I had to locate three more sets as I have four front outdoor pots.  So after my online search, I found the lights on with one company offering six sets of lights for only $96 plus shipping.  Having spent a little less than that for just one set from the design shop, I was thrilled to find such a bargain.  Of course, the bargain was too good to be true!  When they arrived, I discovered that they were not exactly the same. In the first photo, each little individual light is wrapped and can be bent back from the main branch.  The less expensive lights (used in pot above) were taped down.  While I was tempted to return them, I just couldn't justify the difference in the cost. 

My favorite of all outdoor holiday decorations, is that glow of a simple candle in the window.   While we have to live with plugs and electrical cords, I despise them.  My solution - hurricane lanterns using a base of a few old leather bound books.  While living in England, I purchased eight antique celery vases.  These work perfectly for the holiday or any time of year. 

Now that's it, I'm done with decorating the outdoors.   Except for...... adjusting that electrical cord I see in the third photo.   Yeah! 


  1. Patti- your front porch is gorgeous! I love the lighted branches. I need those for my front porch urn! I have three little windows in the barn that (during the renovation) I am planning on putting in electrical plugs in the window sill, then get the lights that plug directly in, so now wires!
    Oh my... can't believe you are leaving your gorgeous home to move to Houston!

    Wishing you a happy holiday!

  2. We did have a similar arrangement, didn't we? Don't you love all the natural greens shoved down in the urns?? Such a wonderful and sophisticated way to say Happy Holidays. I love it!

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  4. Hi Patti, did you use some kind of dark green pampas grasses in the center of these outdoor pots? The center branches seem so light & wispy and have a different texture than the evergreen branches that drape down. Just wondering what you used? Very lovely pots. Thank you!